Kiss of the Emperor

Fall of the Tiny Witch

Good work but don't get all uppity now.

Destroying the Tiny Witch was a big deal and created quite a stir. You have all received commendations and your planetary influence and fame is all up notch or two, at least among the PPP and law enforcement types. The hostages from your office were released and their captors said they were from the Tiny Witch, all the White Witch information was just her attempts to distract you. Capt. Aquilinia was reassigned to polar duty as a punishment for her failure to prevent the station’s takeover but Depot Master Brontus and Book Master Kargil have returned along with Captain Romanissta, the new station chief. Your team was summoned to Hive Loci and had a several days debrief by Gleven Noyki and his team. Your team also received House Kaisheck Bleeding Daggers as a tribute and 3rd Degree Purity Seals from the Sisters Reflective.

The Adeptus Astra Telepathica investigated the Tiny Witches body and declared that she was a 6th degree psyker, very powerful but after hopping up on the energy of those she drained she was operating as a 8th degree psyker, an incredibly dangerous situation. Had she been allowed to continue her power would have been staggering and the atmospheric effects of the planet’s Kiss of the Emperor would have prevented her likely detection until her plots struck. In a sign of the PPP’s prestige after the case the Telepathica offices have assigned a psyker to your team.

The Lost are in an uproar, which has allowed the Arbites to shut down many of their cells. They were prepping to leave the world and got careless, the survivors will likely not be as careless.

The Black Veil are also in chaos, but this is starting to settle down after a burst of incredible violence as other factions tried to fill the gap the Tiny Witch faction once filled. Once again the police and Arbites have taken as much advantage of this as they can and the prisons and work centers are filled with unlucky Veil members.

To replace the losses from the Station attack one team has been assembled out of the teams that were attacked or captured and a team from Hive Loci has been brought in as well. The Hive Loci team has gotten the prime offices, with your team getting the next nicest and the consolidated team getting the worst setup.

One odd note seems to sour the victory. Perrin de Fey has vanished with no explanation. This seems to be PPP related, those in command are not concerned and there is no investigation, but you all are given no information on his fate at all.



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