Office of Planetary Purity

The Office of Planetary Purity is an attempt by the planetary Governor to set up a local Inquisition. It has a number of things working against it, first it is not ‘the real inquisition’ and thus lacks the weight it needs. Secondly it is not backed by any of the planetary bureaucrats other than the Governor himself, most feel the Arbites or Hive Police Forces should be able to the same job. Lastly it is run by a former Imperial Guard Intelligence Officer, Gleven Noyki who has a reputation for seeing plots everywhere and constantly chasing fools errands.

Despite these drawbacks the OPP has assembled a solid force of investigators drawn from all elements of the planet’s population. Each active hive has a small office with office staff and at least a couple of investigative teams. There never seems to be a lack of things to check out and despite the lack of support the OPP has broken some big cases.

Eden Hive OPP Staff:

Captain Romanissta – A by the book former Imperial Guard Captain who insists every form be filled in and every procedure be followed. This is not the place for odd balls or lone wolves, this is an investigative arm of the Governors Office and reflects his prestige. He loathes Eden Hive and House Kaisheck intensely.

Depot Master Brontus – The equiptment master for the OPP in Eden Hive. Count each round as a blessing from the Emperor himself, because it is. Waste not the Emperor’s blessings.

Book Master Kargil – The head researcher for the OPP in Eden Hive. Loves a mystery, loves to dig for clues, not fast, but thorough. Heavily robed, no one is sure what Kargil looks like under the robes or if it is a he or a she.

Former Staff
Capt. Aquilinia – A former Imperial Guard Captain of the 673rd Escher. The Captain has no time for the mysteries the unit investigates. She likes simple direct answers and will cut off any time wasters sharply. Still carries her huge Hellstrom Las-pistol.

Perrin de Fey

Office of Planetary Purity

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