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Eteocles Vander

The Hives

Eden Hive is the starting Hive City for our game. It is the hive that feeds the rest of the world.

Hive Loci is the world’s spaceport and capital.

Hive Lumanus Center of the planets defense, being rebuilt now.

Hive Konstance The tomb hive.

Hive Thortis The mining hive.

Hive Barran The Prison Hive.

Vulcan Hive The manufacturing hive.

Hive Shangrala The Cathederal Hive.

Hive Loris The Ocean Hive.

Cregan Hive The Forbidden Hive.

How Hive Cities Work

The Factions

Planetary Administration The forces of the Governor and the imperial bureaucracy.

Noble Houses of Eden Hive The ruling houses that control the Eden Hive.

Adeptus Ministorum The leaders of the Imperial Cult.

Adeptus Mechanicus The tech lords.

The Lost A secretive rebel organization looking to lead a mass exodus from the world.

The Black Veil The planets organized crime elements.

The Rangers The remaining active Imperial Guard units tasked with pacifying the area outside the hives.

Adeptus Astra Telepathica A small but very powerful faction of psykers on the planet.

The Inquisition No official presence on the planet, a local version exists run by the Planetary Administration

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