Eden Hive

Eden Hive is one of the two hives that have been almost completely reclaimed and reconstructed. Eden Hive is the planets primary agricultural hive, with 80% of the planet’s food pastes being produced in the hive’s vats. This does not prevent the hive from supporting a vigorous mining operation, with a slightly smaller production of the Kiss of the Emperor than Hive Loci. The hive is run by House Kaisheck, a matriarchal corporate noble family, but it is home to many different smaller noble families, some of which are very ambitious.

The hive structure took huge hits in the war, and stabilizing the hive takes up a massive effort by hive engineers and while section collapses are rare, many in the poorer parts of the hive live in perpetual fear of the roof coming in or the floor falling out from under them.

Population: 2,845,729,325 Legal Citizens
Class Two Citizens: 227,658,346
Class One Citizens: 18,212,668
Size: 30,671 km
Head of Hive: Lady Shivan
Noble Houses of Eden Hive

Ckargis a small mining operation in the sparsely populated north side.

Eden Hive

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